About Laser Tattoo Removal

A Solution to Unwanted Tattoos

Using Lasers to Remove Your Ink

Laser tattoo removal simply speeds up the natural fading process that happens to tattoos over time.

laser tattoo removal abilene texasAt Abilene Tattoo Removal Clinic, our powerful Q-switched laser, the Astanza Trinity, is designed to remove all colors of tattoo ink trapped in the skin without damaging the surrounding skin tissue. The laser uses light energy to penetrate the skin, heat up the tattoo ink particles, and shatter it into fragments.

Over the weeks following each treatment, the shattered ink is flushed away by the body’s immune system. As the ink is flushed away, the appearance of the tattoo lightens.

Q-switched lasers offer a unique solution to removing tattoo ink, as they are the only way of effectively shattering the tattoo ink without causing permanent effects to the skin. Laser tattoo removal can truly leave your skin looking as if the tattoo never existed.

Multiple laser treatments are necessary for virtually all tattoos, as there are layers of ink within the skin, and each treatment only shatters the shallowest layer of ink. Most patients need 5 to 10 treatments to achieve complete removal, and the number of treatments needed will vary depending on the colors of your tattoo, the age of your tattoo, the depth of the ink in the skin, and the strength of the immune system.

During your free tattoo removal consultation at Abilene Tattoo Removal Clinic, we’ll provide an assessment of your tattoo to give you an idea of what to expect with the laser tattoo removal process.