Frequently Asked Questions

laser tattoo removal abilene texasCan you really remove my tattoo?

Yes, laser tattoo removal has worked for patients around the world. It’s possible to remove ink without any sign of the original tattoo. It’s possible to have flawless skin again, as if  the tattoo never existed. At Abilene Tattoo Removal Clinic, we’ve invested in the gold standard of laser technology to ensure the best possible results.

Is the procedure safe?

Laser tattoo removal with Q-switched lasers like our leading-edge Astanza Trinity is trusted worldwide for the treatment of unwanted tattoos and pigments. There have been many clinical studies that prove the effectiveness of laser tattoo removal.

We use advanced protocols to ensure each treatment is safe for your skin type and tattoo. Though there is a risk of  some temporary side effects (blistering, scabbing, pigmentation changes), patients experience excellent results after the full course of treatment. Unless you have a history of keloids, the risk scarring is exceptionally minimal.

Can you remove just a part of my tattoo?

Yes, our laser is precise so that we can remove just a name or a part of a larger tattoo piece. We can isolate areas of your tattoo to help you refine your look.

We are also capable of fading down your tattoo in preparation for a cover up – we can lighten you tattoo to give your tattoo artist more flexibility when designing the cover up tattoo.

How many laser treatments will I need?

Most patients need five to ten treatments to achieve complete removal, but some patients may need as few as two or three treatments to achieve the desired results.  The number of treatments you’ll need will depend on several factors, including the age of your tattoo, the colors in your tattoo, the location of the tattoo, and the strength of your immune system.

What is the cost of every laser tattoo removal session?

The cost of each treatment depends on the size of your tattoo. At Abilene Tattoo Removal Clinic, we offer competitive pricing and attractive discounts for packages.  We also partner with CareCredit to offer financing.  Learn more about financing and apply now at

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